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October 14, 2019 - October 20, 2019
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NIH Science Events
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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
CME Credit 10/15 8:00 am The Clinical Neuroscience Grand Rounds: 8:30-9:00 Dr. Srishti Rau , Autism Spectrum Disorder: Diagnosis, Profile, & Treatment Considerations, 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Alex Martin, Autism and the Quest to Evaluate and Modulate Neurocircuits in the Human Brain; Dr. Srishti Rau, Children's National Hospital; Dr. Alex Martin, NIMH; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Contact Info: 301.496.1561
10/15 10:00 am Evolution of Catalysis and Regulation Over 3.5 Billion Years- Exploitation for Novel Cancer Drugs; Dr. Dorothee Kern, Professor, Brandeis University; 5; 127; Contact Info: 301-496-2848;
10/15 11:00 am Reconstructing neural circuits with volumetric super-resolution microscopy; Colenso Speer, Dr., U Maryland; 37; 4107/4041; Contact Info: 2408583605 or 2407606637;
Videocast Event 10/15 12:30 pm DNA damage and p53: target gene selection and signaling dynamics ; Dr. Jacob Stewart-Ornstein, Univ of Pittsburgh; Porter (Building 35A); 640; Contact Info: 240-760-6139 or 410-558-8162;

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
10/16 8:00 am Clinical Proteomics Tumor Analysis Consortium Scientific Symposium; Leaders in the field of proteogenomic research; 35; Contact Info:
10/16 11:00 am Dissecting multi-domain protein folding with optical tweezers; Christian M. Kaiser, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Johns Hopkins; Building 50; 2328; Contact Info: 3014964645;
10/16 11:00 am Gene-Diet Interactions in Fatty Acid Metabolism and the Potential for Individualized Dietary Recommendations; Floyd (Ski) Chilton, Ph. D, University of Arizona; 6100 Executive Boulevard, Rockville, MD 20852; Ground Floor Conference Room; Contact Info: 301-435-2920;
10/16 11:00 am Getting Past the Genetic Drivers: How Does the Tumor Microenvironment Influence Metastatic Predisposition?; GHASSAN (GUS) MOUNEIMNE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Arizona; Building 50; 1227; Contact Info: 301.435.2949;
CME CreditVideocast Event 10/16 12:00 pm John Doppman Memorial Lecture for Imaging Sciences: Radiology in the Era of Artificial Intelligence; Curtis P. Langlotz, MD, PhD Professor of Radiology and Biomedical , Informatics; Director, Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine , and Imaging, Stanford University School of Medicine; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Lipsett Amphitheater; Contact Info: 301-496-0080;
10/16 2:00 pm Lifestyle and Breast Cancer: Addition by Subtraction and the Value of Randomized Clinical Trials; Rowan Chlebowski, MD, PhD, Chief and Senior Investigator, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Lipsett Amphitheater; Contact Info: 2402767116;
CME CreditVideocast Event 10/16 3:00 pm Brain Machine Interfaces: From Basic Science to Neuroprostheses and Neurological Recovery; Miguel Nicolelis, M.D., Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience, Duke School of Medicine; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Contact Info: 301-594-6747;
10/16 3:30 pm New Approaches and Insights into the Mechanisms of Impaired CNS Control of Metabolism in Diabetes and Obesity; Christoph Buettner, Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Building 8; 127; Contact Info: 3014023589;

Thursday, October 17, 2019
10/17-10/18 8:00 am Cancer and Inflammation: From Micro to Macro; Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ph.D., Director, PBRC, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Masur Auditorium; Contact Info: 2407607756 or 2405076273;
10/17 10:00 am Vertebrate mineralized tissue structures in 3D: A new perspective; Stephen Weiner, Ph.D., Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science; Building 30; 117; Contact Info: 3014967644;
10/17 12:00 pm NEI Intramural Research Seminar Series: Building and rebuilding the retina one cell at a time; Seth Blackshaw, Ph.D, Professor of Neuroscience, John Hopkins University; 10; 10S233 (Cogan); Contact Info: 301.451.6763;
10/17 2:00 pm The marmoset monkey provides significant insight into stroke pathology; James Bourne, Ph.D., Professor, Monash University; 35a Convent Drive; 1G600, Orange Skybox; Contact Info: 3014352232;
Videocast Event 10/17 2:00 pm The World Health Organization’s Alma-Ata Declaration of 1978: What Was It Then, Where Is It Now?; Ted Brown, PhD, Professor of History and Medical Humanities, University of Rochester ; Building 38A (Lister Hill National Center); Contact Info: 301-827-4599;
10/17 3:30 pm Regional Patterning of the Vestibular Sensory Organs of the Inner Ear: from Development to Behavior; Kazuya Ono, PhD, NIDCD; Building 40; 1201/1203; Contact Info:
10/17 4:00 pm Participation of Cdk5 in molecular mechanisms of dental pain ; Dr. Elias Samuel Utreras Puratich, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Chile; Building 30; Contact Info: 3014352887;

Friday, October 18, 2019
10/17-10/18 8:00 am Cancer and Inflammation: From Micro to Macro; Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ph.D., Director, PBRC, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Masur Auditorium; Contact Info: 2407607756 or 2405076273;
Videocast Event 10/18 9:00 am NIH Developmental Biology Workshop - Dr. Angelike Stathopoulos - How the Embryo prepares for Gastrulation: Opaning Chromatin & Pyr-iods of Adherens Junction Rearrangement; Dr. Angelike Stathopoulos (Keynote Speaker), Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology; Dr. Jason Sinclair, Post-Doc Visiting Fellow, NHGRI, NIH; Dr. Shaohe Wang, Post-Doc Visiting Fellow, NIDCR, NIH; Dr. Hyun min Jung, Post-Doc Visiting Fellow, NICHD, NIH; Building 45 (Natcher Building); Balcony B; Contact Info: (301)-435-2406;
10/18 12:00 pm Influenza, vaccines and T cell immunity in narcolepsy: are we close to a complete understanding?; Emmanuel Mignot, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences , Stanford University; 33; LaMontagne Room; Contact Info: 3014024602;
10/18 1:15 pm The New Biology of Type 2 Diabetes; Gerald Shulman, MD, PhD, FACP, MACE, George R. Cowgill Professor of Medicine and Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Yale School of Medicine; Building 10 CRC; FAES Room 1&2; Contact Info: 301.451.1636 or 301.927.1481;

Other Events
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Thursday, October 17, 2019
10/17 10:00 am 30th Annual Nathan W. Shock Award Lecture ; Steven N. Austad, Ph.D., Director, UAB Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging; Matt Kaeberlein, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Washington; Biomedical Research Center; Atrium; Contact Info: 410-558-8073;

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