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March 27, 2017 - April 02, 2017
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NIH Science Events
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Monday, March 27, 2017
Videocast Event 3/27 10:00 am Promoting Resilience in Military Families: After Deployment, Adaptive Parenting Tools; Abigail Gewirtz, Ph.D., L.P., Director of the Institute for Translational Research in Children’s Mental Health, University of Minnesota; NIH Clinical Center (Buidling 10); Lipsett Amphitheater; Contact Info: 301-402-6525;
3/27 12:00 pm Mixed Methods in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Research; Leonard A. Jason, Ph.D., Director and Professor of Psychology, College of Science and Health DePaul University; Webex webinar only; Contact Info: 3018265564;
Videocast Event 3/27 12:00 pm The Neurobiology of Decision Making: A Window on Cognition.; Michael Shadlen, M.D., Ph.D., HHMI Investigator, Columbia University; Porter Neuroscience Center (Bldg. 35a); GE620; Contact Info: 301.496.9375 or 301.435.2232;
3/27 3:30 pm Diabetes/Metabolism Interest Group; Cheryl Cero, New perspectives on human brown adipose tissue cellular physiology, The Cypess group, DEOB, NIDDK; Noemi Malandrino, Baseline blood leptin, and body fat and metreleptin response in lipodistrophy, The Brown group, DEOB, NIDDK; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Solarium Conference Room 9S233 (old Bunim Room); Contact Info: 443-956-5021;

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
3/28 8:30 am NHLBI DNA Sequencing and Genomics Core Symposium; Yuesheng Li, DNA Sequencing and Genomics Core, NHLBI, NIH; Jun Zhu, Systems Biology Center, NHLBI, NIH; Lihe Chen, Systems Biology Center, NHLBI, NIH; Luigi Alvarado, Hematology Branch, NHLBI, NIH; Karolyn Oetjen, Hematology Branch, NHLBI, NIH; Mehdi Pirooznia, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Core, NHLBI, NIH; Ash Wilson, 10x Genomics; Britt Flaherty, Illumina; John Soda, TakaraBio; Denise Stephens, NuGEN; 35; Contact Info: 301-594-8346;
CME Credit 3/28 8:30 am The Clinical Neuroscience Grand Rounds: 9:00 - 9:30 Dr. James Park, Review of the Diagnostic Criteria for Fahr’s Disease Illustrated by Two Cases & Update on Genetic Causes of Idiopathic Fahr’s; 9:30 - 10:30 Dr. Barbara Mason, Gabapentin as a Novel Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder; Dr. James Park, Visiting Fellow, NINDS; Dr. Barbara Mason, Director, Pearson Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Research, The Scripps Research Institute; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Contact Info: 301.496.1561
3/28 11:00 am Inflammatory Links Between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes; Alan Saltiel, Ph.D., Director and Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Institute for Diabetes and Metabolic Health, UC San Diego; 50; 1227/1233; Contact Info: 3014519440;
3/28 11:00 am The Impact of Diverse Microbial Experience on the Mouse Immune System; Stephen C. Jameson, Professor, University of Minnesota; Twinbrook II Building (TBII); 200H; Contact Info: 301-496-9266;
3/28 12:00 pm Cardiac Fibroblasts Mediate IL17A-Driven Dilated Cardiomyopathy; Daniela Cihakova , Assistant Professor Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Lipsett Amphitheater ; Contact Info:
Videocast Event 3/28 4:00 pm Demystifying Medicine: Obesity: Brown and Other Fat with Aaron Cypess, MD, PhD, MMSc and Rebecca Brown, MD, MHSc ; Aaron Cypess, MD, PhD, MMSc , NIDDK; Rebecca Brown, MD, MHSc , NIDDK; Building 50; Conference Room 1227; Contact Info:
3/28 4:00 pm Paving the Way Towards Elimination of HIV Persistent CD4 T Cell in Vivo; Dr. Monsef Benkirane, Director of the Institute of Human Genetics; Building 40; 1201; Contact Info: 301-594-8484 or 301.761.6963;

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
3/29 10:00 am Nurturing Bioinformatics in Low-Resourced Settings: The Case of Uganda; Dr. Daudi Jjingo, Faculty, Makerere University’s College of Computing and Information Sciences; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Lipsett Auditorium; Contact Info:
3/29 11:30 am Role of Nuclear PARPs and NAD+ Metabolism in Gene Regulation; W. Lee Kraus, Ph.D. , Director, Cecil H and Ida Green Center for Reproductive Biology Sciences , UT Southwestern Medical Center ; Building 37; Room 4041/4107; Contact Info: 301-402-8140 or 240-706-6182;
CME CreditVideocast Event 3/29 12:00 pm CC Grand Rounds: 1) Developing Multifaceted Cancer Trials: Integrating Laboratory and Clinical Research and 2) Beyond CD19: What is Next for CAR T Cell Therapy in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL); Mark B. Gilbert, MD, Senior Investigator and Chief, Neuro-Oncology Branch, , NCI; Terry J. Fry, MD, Investigator, Pediatric Oncology Branch and Head, Hematologic Malignancies , Section, NCI; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Lipsett Amphitheater; Contact Info: 301-496-0080;
3/29 12:00 pm National Eye Institute 3-D Retina Organoid Challenge: Webinar for Solvers; Jessica Mazerik, Challenge Coordinator, NEI; Building 31; Contact Info: 3014518161;
3/29 1:00 pm Histone Trafficking During Chromatin Replication; Dr. Mair Churchill, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Denver; Building 41; C507-C509; Contact Info: 240-760-6591;
CME CreditVideocast Event 3/29 3:00 pm Unraveling Smell; Linda B. Buck, Ph.D., Investigator, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; 10; Masur Auditorium ; Contact Info: 301-594-6747;
Videocast Event 3/29 4:15 pm The Gut Microbiome: a Master Regulator of Metabolism; Dr. Lora Hooper, Jonathan W. Uhr Distinguished Chair of Immunology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; HHMI; Building 10; Lipsett Amphitheater; Contact Info: 3014516882;

Thursday, March 30, 2017
3/30 11:00 am Architectural Control of Cytotoxic T-Cell Function; Morgan Huse, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Building 50; 1227/1223; Contact Info: 3014353003;
3/30 11:00 am Drosophila as a Model for Human Neurodegenerative Disease: Insight into Stress.; Dr. Nancy M. Bonini, Florence RC Murray Professor of Biology, Univeristy of Pennsylvania; Building 50; 1328; Contact Info: 301-594-0845;
3/30 1:00 pm LPD Senimar: Mechanisms of inflammasome activation in response to Leishmania infection;  Dr. Darlo Zamboni , Associate Professor, University of Sao Paulo; Building 4; Building 4, Room 433; Contact Info: 301.496.0577;

Friday, March 31, 2017
3/31 11:30 am Development of Enabling Technologies for Optical Imaging of Biological Systems; Yongxin Zhao, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center; Building 35, Room GG607; Contact Info: 301-496-5039;
CME CreditVideocast Event 3/31 12:00 pm Beyond CD19: What next for CAR T Cell Therapy in Pediatric Hematologic Malignancies; Terry J. Fry, M.D. , Head, Hematologic Malignancies Section, Pediatric Oncology Branch; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Lipsett Amphitheater; Contact Info: 301-451-2277 or 301-402-6454;
3/31 2:00 pm Rapid Decay of Engulfed Extracellular miRNA by XRN1 Exonuclease Promotes Transient Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition; Patrick Brest, Ph.D., Université Côte d’Azur; 37; 4107; Contact Info:

Other Events
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Videocast Event 3/28 11:00 am NIH Library Training - How to Write a Research Paper (class & webinar) ; Staff NIH Library; Building 10 (Clinical Center); NIH Library Training Room ; Contact Info: 301-496-1080;
3/28 1:00 pm NIH Library Training - Introduction to Hypothesis Testing ; Staff NIH Library; Building 10 (Clinical Center); NIH Library Training Room ; Contact Info: 301-496-1080;
1/10-6/27 7:30 pm NIH Evening Speakers Toastmasters Club ; Vice President of Membership, NIH Evening Speakers Club; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Contact Info:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
3/29 9:00 am NIH Library Training - Partek Flow, DNA-Seq ; Partek instructors; Building 10 (Clinical Center); NIH Library Training Room ; Contact Info: 301-496-1080;

Thursday, March 30, 2017
3/30 9:30 am NIH Library Training - GeneSpring 14.8 ; GeneSpring Instructor; Building 10 (Clinical Center); NIH Library Training Room ; Contact Info: 301-496-1080;
3/30 1:00 pm Edward and Junghwa Auer Piano Concert ; None; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Contact Info: 301-402-9579;

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