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April 26, 2018
NIH Science Events
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Thursday, April 26, 2018
12:00 am Circuit mechanisms underlying the dynamic control of cortical processing by subcortical modulators; Anita Disney, Assistant Professor , Vanderbilt University; Building 40; 1201; Contact Info: 301-496-9377;
8:30 am Cancer and Inflammation Program Retreat; Cynthia Dunbar, Senior Investigator, NHLBI; Andre Larochelle, Investigator, NHLBI; Gregoire Altan-Bonnet, Earl Stadtman Investigator, CIP, NCI; Adrian Wiestner, Senior Investigator, NHLBI; Romina Goldszmid, Earl Stadtman Investigator, CIP, NCI; Jonathan Weiss, Staff Scientist, CIP, NCI; Poonam Tewary , Staff Scientist, CIP, NCI; Julio Valencia , Staff Scientist, CIP, NCI; Mary Carrington, Senior Investigator, CIP, NCI; Marcel van den Brink, Medical Oncologist, SKCC; Nataliya P. Buxbaum, Assistant Clinical Investigator, ETIB, NCI; Christian Hinrichs, Investigator, EITB, NCI; Luca Gattinoni, Investigator, EITB, NCI; Romina Araya, Postdoctoral Fellow, CIP, NCI; Building 10; Lipsett Auditorium; Contact Info: 2407607725;
11:00 am Chromosome Segregation: New Insights into Kinetochore Assembly and Architecture; Alexander E. Kelly, Ph.D., NCI; Building 50; Room 2328 2rd floor Library; Contact Info: 301-496-6887;
11:30 am Genome stability and Instability in the repair of a broken chromosome; James Haber, Professor of Biology, Brandeis University ; Building 37; 4041/4107; Contact Info: 2407607618;
12:00 pm Immune Niches in Urologic Cancers; Haydn T. Kissick, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Division of Translational Research, Dept of Urology, Emory University School of Medicine; Building 10 (Clinical Center); 10/13S233; Contact Info: 240-760-7756 or 301 846 6957;
12:30 pm Discovery of Non-Toxic Conditioning Regimens for Stem Cell Therapies; Dr. Agnieszka Czechowicz, Stanford University; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Room 2-3330; Contact Info:
1:00 pm Preventing LPS-induced macrophage pyroptosis during infection; Christian Stehlik, PhD, John P. Gallagher Research Professor of Rheumatology, Northwestern University ; Building 4; ROOM 433; Contact Info: 240-292-4734;
4:00 pm A measure of molecular muscle: Development of Optical Force Sensors and Actuators Towards Mechano-Medicine; Khalid Salaita, Associate Professor, Emory University; Building 50; 2328; Contact Info: 301-469-4645;

Other Events
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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Videocast Event 10:00 am NIH Library Training - Introduction to R Data Types ; Staff NIH Library; Building 10 (Clinical Center); NIH Library Training Room ; Contact Info: 301-496-1080;
12:00 pm NIH Chamber Singers Concert ; none; Building 10 (Clinical Center); Contact Info: 301-402-9579;

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