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Event Type:  Seminar (This is an NIH Science event)
Title:  Neurobiology Interest Group Seminar Series: Natural and artificial hunger gate orthogonal behavioral choice
Description:  Hunger is one of the most salient need states across the animal kingdom, crucially impacting motivated behavior. Numerous findings suggest Agouti-related peptide (AgRP)-expressing neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus are vital to mammalian calorie-sensing and directing subsequent motivated behaviors to consume caloric substrates. Not much attention has been paid, however, to how these neurons’ activity may impact unrelated motivated behaviors. Here, we sought to investigate how hunger states may influence an animal’s pursuit of motivated behaviors unassociated with feeding, using ARCAgRP neurons as an entry point to hunger states. Using optogenetics, we demonstrate that ARCAgRP neuron stimulation provokes hunger-like behaviors mimicking overall tendencies of naturally hungry animals. Upon closer investigation using more ethologically relevant behavior assays, we observed artificial stimulation has striking effects on animals’ motivation to engage with multiple salient stimuli at once; these effects are seen only in extreme natural hunger states. Surprisingly, using fiber photometry recording methods, we also observed that ARCAgRP neurons dynamically alter their firing in response to a social conspecific. This suggests ARCAgRP neurons, and hunger more broadly, exhibit a highly complicated neural interface with processes governing other motivated behaviors.

Meeting number (access code): 627 725 612
Meeting password: gf28CEpJ
Series Name:  Neurobiology Interest Group Seminar Series
Event URL:
Videocast:  Event will not be videocast
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Name:   Joey Burnett
Organization:   NIDDK
City/Province:   Bethesda
State:   Maryland

Organization(s):  [NIH] Neurobiology Interest Group

Location:  On the main NIH Campus
Building:  35
Room:  620/630

Name:   Richa Lomash
Name:   Shireen Sarraf
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