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Event Type:  Seminar (This is an NIH Science event)
Title:  Emerging roles of lysosomes in cellular stress response
Description:  The Proteostasis (Protein Homeostasis) Scientific Interest Group (PSIG)* will present a seminar on Tuesday, March 13, 12:00-1:00 p.m., Building 35A Room 610 entitled "Emerging roles of lysosomes in cellular stress response" by Rosa Puertollano, Ph.D. who is a Senior Investigator at the Cell Biology and Physiology Center, NHLBI, NIH. The long-term goal of her laboratory is to understand how lysosomes contribute to the regulation of multiple cellular processes both in normal and pathological conditions. The discovery that expression of lysosomal genes is not constitutive but changes in response to nutrient status revealed that cells monitor lysosomal function and respond to degradation requirements and environmental conditions. Dr. Puertollano contributed to the characterization of the transcription factors TFEB and TFE3, which rapidly translocate from the cytosol to the nucleus following starvation. By regulating expression of genes implicated in lysosomal biogenesis and autophagy, TFEB and TFE3 play a critical role in maintaining cellular homeostasis and energy metabolism. Her recent work has revealed that TFEB and TFE3 may have a broader role than previously recognized. Activation of TFEB and TFE3 occurs in response to a variety of stress conditions, including aberrant proteins accumulation, mitochondrial damage, and pathogen infection, thus revealing their broad functions. Finally, Dr. Puertollano’s group is currently working in the generation of animal models that will provide better understanding of the pathophysiology of lysosomal disorders as well as the identification of novel therapeutic targets for disease treatment.

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Series Name:  Proteostasis SIG seminar series
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Name:   Rosa Puertollano
Title:   Ph.D.
Organization:   NHLBI, NIH
City/Province:   Bethesda
State:   Maryland
Country:   USA

Organization(s):  Proteostasis SIG

Location:  On the main NIH Campus
Building:  Building 35A
Room:  Room 610
Street Address:  9000 Rockville Pike
City:  , Bethesda
State:  Maryland
Zip Code:  20892

Name:   Andras Orosz
Phone:   301-443-2193
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