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Event Type:  Symposium (This is an NIH Science event)
Title:  NCI Frontiers in Targeting MYC
Description:  The MYC gene encodes for a transcription factor known as c-Myc (often known simply as Myc), a protooncogene and global transcriptional regulator. Since its discovery in the late 1970's, Myc has been recognized as pivotal in transcription, cellular transformation, and oncogenesis, as well as many other areas of cell biology. While under normal conditions Myc is tightly regulated, the deregulation of Myc is oncogenic. Aberrant Myc expression is found in some 70% of all cancers and is thought to cause roughly 100,000 deaths per year. Thus, the study of Myc is an integral area of cancer research.However, despite tremendous effort by academic and industrial groups over the last several decades, there remains no treatment for Myc-driven cancers. There is a need for the global community to come together to discuss modern approaches for studying and targeting MYC. Frontiers in Targeting MYC: Expression, Regulation, and Degradation is a two-day symposium that will enable the Myc community to come together and discuss problems, approaches and recent results in targeting Myc.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018   8:00am - 5:00pm Add To Outlook Calendar     Add To iCal Calendar     Add To Entourage Calendar
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Name:   Bruno Amati
Organization:   European Institute of Oncology
Name:   Jay Bradner
Organization:   Novartis
Name:   Michael Cole
Organization:   Dartmouth College
Name:   Chi Van Dang
Organization:   Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Name:   Martin Eilers
Organization:   University of Wurzburg
Name:   Robert Eisenman
Organization:   Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center
Name:   Gerard Evan
Organization:   Cambridge University
Name:   Dean Felsher
Organization:   Stanford University
Name:   Carla Grandori
Organization:   Cure First
Name:   Ross Hannon
Organization:   John Curtin School of Medical Research
Name:   Marie Arsenian Henriksson
Organization:   Karolinska Institutet
Name:   Laurence Hurley
Organization:   University of Arizona
Name:   Raghu Kalluri
Organization:   MD Anderson Cancer Center
Name:   Angela Koehler
Organization:   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Name:   Linda Penn
Organization:   University of Toronto
Name:   Martine Roussel
Organization:   St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Name:   Rosalie Sears
Organization:   Oregon Health and Science University
Name:   John Sedivy
Organization:   Brown University
Name:   William Tansey
Organization:   Vanderbilt University
Name:   Peter Vogt
Organization:   Scripps Research Institute
Name:   Danzhou Yang
Organization:   Purdue University
Name:   Rick Young
Organization:   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organization(s):  [NIH] National Cancer Institute (NCI)

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State:  Maryland
Zip Code:  20892

Name:   Julia Lam
Phone:   301-846-6957
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