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Event Type:  Seminar (This is an NIH Science event)
Title:  Action of Insulin-IGF Signaling on Postembryonic Neurons in Drosophila During Development, Aging and Diapause
Description:  Our lab is interested in the role of insulin-IGF signaling (IIS) in regulation of neurons during postembryonic development and in adult Drosophila during aging and behavioral senescence. The role of IIS in nervous system growth and differentiation is quite well established; however, how it regulates growth of individual postembryonic neurons is less understood. While we tried to investigate how IIS modulates functional activity of neurons and neuronal circuits, we noted that ectopic expression or knockdown of the insulin receptor (dInR) in specific sets of neurons affected the size of these neurons, provided that they express the transcription factor Dimmed. We, thus, pursued the role of dInR and Dimmed in growth and differentiation of various neuron types, including motor neurons. Part of my talk will describe the multiple roles of dInR and Dimmed in neuron differentiation. Next I will present data on effects of aging on the brain and fly behavior under normal conditions and during adult reproductive diapause. Reproductive diapause in Drosophila is characterized by reduced systemic IIS and it drastically extends lifespan and reduces somatic senescence. Interestingly, we also find that behavioral senescence is slowed and that brain neurons retain youthful characteristics. An outstanding question is whether the brain circuits are protected from adverse effects of aging by a change in systemic IIS, or if it is regulated by IIS locally within the brain niche.
Series Name:  Scientific Interest Group for Drosophila
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Name:   Professor Dick R. Nassel, Ph.D.
Title:   Professor
Organization:   Department of Zoology, Stockholm University, Sweden
City/Province:   STOCKHOLM
Country:   Sweden

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