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Event Type:  Seminar (This is an NIH Science event)
Annual Lecture:  Other
Title:  Ultra-Fast Long-Distance Energy Transfer Between Fluorescent Proteins
Description:  An implicit and often unmentioned assumption of studies utilizing genetically encoded Green Fluorescent Protein, its derivatives, and structurally related fluorescent proteins (FPs), is that they behave like classical organic fluorophores. When conventional fluorophores are in close-proximity (< 1 nm) and/or are cooled to temperatures approaching absolute zero, coherent energy transfer (CET) may enable multiple fluorophores to behave as a single quantum entity. CET is thought to play a key role in photosynthesis, and vis-à-vis technology, may enable quantum computing. CET can manifest as ultra-fast long-distance energy transfer within fluorophore assemblies. Antibunching and Davydov splitting of circular dichroism (CD) spectra, uniquely quantum mechanical behaviors, are indicative of CET. Physiological temperatures extinguish CET by promoting rapid collisional dephasing of fluorophore vibrational modes (typically within 100 fs of photoexcitation). Moreover, because FP fluorophores are encased in a ß-barrel structure, proximities closer than 2 nm are not possible. Thus, CET between FPs at physiological temperatures is thought to be impossible. Nonetheless, time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, antibunching, and CD all indicate stronger than expected coupling between FPs. Paired-pulse correlation spectroscopy revealed that dephasing between coupled FPs occurs between 400-600 fs after photoexcitation, suggesting that the FP ß-barrel attenuates dephasing to allow CET.
Series Name:  Light Microscopy Interest Group Seminar
Videocast:  Event will not be videocast
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Name:   Steven S Vogel
Title:   Dr
Organization:   NIH/NIAAA
City/Province:   Bethesda
State:   Maryland
Country:   USA

Organization(s):  [NIH] Light Microscopy Interest Group

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