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Event Type:  Webinar (This is an NIH Science event)
Title:  Reproducible Global Chemical Analysis of Biology by Mass Spectrometry
Description:  In the past fifteen years, the cost of mass spectrometry has come down by two orders of magnitude per volume of data that is collected. As the sensitivity of instrumentation increases by an order of magnitude, the number of unknowns doubles. One of the key limitations of untargeted mass spectrometry is the lack of data analysis reproducibility. If the same data is provided to different people, we have different outcomes. The second limitation is our ability to annotate molecules that can be observed. Currently in untargeted metabolomics, on average, only 2% of the data that is collected can be annotated.

During this webinar, Dr. Dorrestein will discuss a global data driven knowledge sharing and analysis infrastructure called global natural product social molecular networking or GNPS that was developed to address these shortcomings. The GNPS community now counts 22,000 users from 128 countries. One of the key features of GNPS is that is allows public sharing of raw data. This is critical for scientific reproducibility and argue that only sharing of tables with m/z, features and annotations is not appropriate. When the raw data is not available, the results tables cannot be updated with the most advanced analysis tools and knowledge. This is important as new algorithms are rapidly advancing. As of March 2017, there are 910 projects that have raw data in the public domain, more that 500 are contributed by the GNPS community. Within GNPS, one can perform molecular networking and annotate all MS/MS spectra against all publicly available libraries (~240,000 reference spectra) and the libraries contributed by the GNPS community has grown to 40,000. All searches are remembered in your personalized jobs tab and the links of the jobs can be shared in publications and cloned by others to promote reproducibility in the analysis. GNPS also changes the interaction with data. GNPS introduced the living data concept where subscribers to data are periodically updated with the l
Series Name:  NIH Metabolomics Interest Group Webinar Series
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Name:   Pieter Dorrestein, PhD,
Title:   Director, Collaborative Mass Spectrometry Innovation Center
Organization:   University of California - San Diego

Organization(s):  NIH Metabolomics Interest Group

Location:  Off Campus

Name:   Dr. Krista Zanetti
Phone:   (240) 276-6843
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