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Event Type:  Seminar
Title:  Exploring Mutational Processes and Genetic Heterogeneity in Cancer with MutaGene, a Novel Resource
Description:  Much remains unknown about mutational processes and their effect on heterogeneity in different cancers. A growing body of evidence supports mutation dependence on the local DNA sequence context for various types of mutations, which allows to decipher the underlying mutational processes. An online computational framework MutaGene facilitating analysis of mutational processes in cancer and helping to uncover their diagnostic and clinical potential was released recently

The framework explores DNA context-dependent mutational patterns in whole-genome and whole-exome sequences of tumor samples from TCGA and ICGC. MutaGene identifies the combinations of mutagenic processes including those related to infidelity of DNA replication and repair machinery, and various other endogenous and exogenous mutagenic factors. MutaGene analyzes user-submitted mutations with subsequent comparison to mutational profiles derived from malignant and benign samples.

Following delineation of individual mutagenic processes in each cancer sample a highly heterogeneous cancer genetic landscape of cancer samples was revealed. Four major clusters of cancer samples exposed to specific combinations of mutagenic processes regardless of cancer type or tissue were identified. MutaGene helps to identify the molecular subtype of a sample in heterogeneous cancers that originate from different factors and may be characterized by different progression and treatment strategies.

Mutagen- and cancer-specific mutational profiles are applied as background models to calculate expected DNA and protein site mutability to decouple relative contributions of mutagenesis and selection in carcinogenesis, a crucial step in elucidating the site-specific driving events in cancer.
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Name:   Alexander Goncearenco
Title:   Research Fellow
Organization:   NCBI, NLM, NIH

Organization(s):  [NIH] National Library of Medicine (NLM) - National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI; [NIH] Genomics and Bioinformatics Interest Group; [NIH] Carcinogenesis Interest Group

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Room:  B2 NCBI Library (B2N14)
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Zip Code:  20892
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Name:   Jacqueline Roberts
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