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Event Type:  Seminar (This is an NIH Science event)
Title:  How to Neutralize TGFß/BMP Ligands
Description:  TGFß and BMP ligands have fundamental and diverse roles in multiple aspects of development and tissue homeostasis. For example, in muscle myostatin or GDF8 functions as an inhibitor to muscle mass where mutations in the gene or injection of myostatin inhibitors result in a double muscle phenotype. While the TGFß family is diverse consisting of 33 ligands only a handful of signaling receptors exist. Therefore, an important mechanism for regulating the bioactivity of TGFß and BMP signaling is the presence of extracellular protein modulators, which bind and block receptor interactions. While BMP and other TGFß ligands share a similar fold, extracellular antagonists are structurally diverse ranging from small single domain proteins (Noggin, DAN) to larger multi-domain antagonists (e.g. Follistatin, Chordin, GASP). Over the years structures of Noggin, Follistatin and CV-2 have demonstrated that multiple strategies have evolved to block ligand signaling. The seminar will compare and contrast the different molecular strategies that have evolved to block TGFß family ligands with an emphasis on understanding ligand specificity.

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