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Event Type:  Lecture
Title:  High-Throughput Machine Learning from EHR Data
Description:  The widespread use of electronic health records and the many recent successes of machine learning raise at least two natural questions. How well can future health events of patients be predicted from EHR data, at various lengths of time in advance? And how can such predictions improve human health? This talk answers the first question via a new approach called "high-throughput machine learning," and it speculates about answers to the second question. In particular, this talk argues that many healthcare applications require not just accurate prediction, but accurate prediction by causally-faithful models. Causal discovery from observational data is already a major research direction in machine learning and statistics, and this talk discusses new approaches across the spectrum from when "we know all the relevant variables" to when "we know only one relevant variable" for the task at hand. If time permits, the talk will also touch on the issue of protecting patient privacy while empowering the construction of accurate predictive models.
Series Name:  National Library of Medicine Informatics Lecture Series
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